Who We Are

Sequoia Tool Was Dedicated In Memory Of The Late James Coates

We are a Michigan based, minority owned business that has been providing customers with quality products since 1988. We serve a variety of industries including automotive, heavy truck, defense, agricultural, restoration, alternative energy, and consumer goods. We pride ourselves on our ability to grow and change with technology and to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations on quality and accommodation.

Sequoia Tool was started by the late James Coates in 1981. He, along with his three sons began producing precision-machined transmission parts for the Hydra-Matic division of General Motors. Coates strongly believed in the saying “what goes around comes around” and used that to define his business.

James Coates Founded Sequoia Tool In 1981.

President and CEO of Sequoia Tool, Joe Coates said that after his father passed away, he and his brothers felt compelled to expand the company. So in 1988, Joe, Steve, and Frank Coates started Sequoia Tool, a certified minority company that would provide customers with a full-service prototype shop as well as pre-production part development.

Joe believes that commitment to quality and accommodation are what have kept Sequoia growing and prospering all these years.

“A lot of our success is based on the fact that we have a reputation that: number one, our parts are good, and number two, we come through in whatever pinch,” he said. “We’ll take on ridiculous things for our customers.”

Today, Sequoia utilizes over 150,000 sq. ft in Clinton, Twp, MI and has the space available to increase efficiency and give Sequoia the ability to add more equipment and grow.  Sequoia is already investing in bigger and better machines to ensure a bright future.

“My dad left us something for our future and I want to do the same thing,” Joe explained. “I want to continue to grow so we can walk away and have this place going strong for our family and for our kids. That’s what it’s always been about for us.”

“’What goes around comes around.’ By working together to help the company grow, we are able to build a healthy future.”